10 Small Things I Appreciated More During Adulthood

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Last Updated on April 4, 2023

When we were younger, there were experiences we didn’t like to do, and because of that, our parents would usually get irritated with us for not obeying them.

However, as we grow older, enter adulthood, and start living more independently, we now appreciate the instructions (even the scolding) and the little things we received growing up.

We might even laugh at ourselves when we realize our parents were right all along.

So, in just a few years that I spent living as an adult, here are some things that I find more enjoyable today than when I was younger.

1. Grocery Shopping

grocery shopping is an important adulthood experience
Photo by erik scheel on pexels. Com

Grocery shopping is one of the adulting skills that I somewhat mastered through the years.

I learned the basics, such as eating before grocery shopping, making a shopping list, and using the store’s floor layout to buy everything listed in one go strategically.

Entering the grocery store with all shelves fully stacked also brings a childlike sense of entering a toy store.

Because of the high inflation, doing our grocery shopping is also a great way to minimize our spending.

2. Home and Hardware Maintenance Shopping

Like grocery shopping, going to home maintenance and hardware like Ace Hardware, DIY, and similar stores brings the same feeling as entering Toy Kingdom or Toys “R” Us.

The difference is that our excitement comes from our desire to “play” with our homes. Maybe we didn’t grow up after all.

3. Fresh Bedsheets and Pillow Covers

mother and daughter making the bed
Photo by ron lach on pexels. Com

Sleeping in a bed with fresh sheets and pillowcases is a small joy in our adult life.

It can even give us the good night’s sleep we sometimes desperately try to squeeze into our busy schedules.

After changing the covers, the fresh smell and cozy feeling can sometimes even be life-changing.

4. Freshly Washed Pants

Yeah, it’s gross, but in college, I can last for a week with only using one pair of pants.

It was even a common joke among college students, especially the men in engineering, that since our pants were seldom washed, they would eventually have a life of their own.

Then adulting happened, and the laundry day became a special part of our weekend routine. Soon, we didn’t realize that we liked washing our clothes.

5. Washing the Dishes

a person wearing white bead bracelet
Photo by mart production on pexels. Com

Many people don’t like washing the dishes, and that includes me. However, I soon realized that washing the dishes can allow us to slow things down, be still, and be alone with our thoughts.

I usually come up with new blog ideas during dishwashing because my mind is at ease.

Maybe we should start doing chores more often without the distractions we are so accustomed to doing now and then.

6. Folding Clothes

Folding the clothes has been very satisfying for me since I started adapting the KonMari Method

My wardrobe became more organized, and I became more intentional with the clothes I put in my drawers.

Folding my clothes became like a meditation or a time to learn new skills and information since I usually listen to podcasts.

7. Socks and Undies as Present

When we were younger, we always liked to receive cash gifts for our birthday or Christmas presents.

Then when we reach adulthood, we realize that underwears are one of the best gifts we can receive for a year because we can finally replenish our already exhausted underwear case.

I am now at the age when I would feel exceptional when I receive a Tupperware water bottle or food organizer.

8. Walking

man walking near body of water
Photo by yogendra singh on pexels. Com

Walking is the most underrated form of exercise. Though we often take it for granted because we always walk throughout the day – that is when we are younger, and our metabolism is much faster, we have a much fitter body.

However, everything changed when we started working. We started getting lazier since transportation became easier. Soon, our waistlines become bigger. 

That is why I tried to re-introduce the value of walking with the two-kilometer rule.

Walking also offers so many physical and mental health benefits. During my unconnected Sunday evening walks, ideas flow freely, and I can think of new blog topics.

9. Reading

I realized that the love for reading develops when we read for ourselves and not just as a requirement. 

I was not a wide reader at school, but after exposing myself to numerous reading materials during my first year of work, my relationship with reading was never the same.

Reading is one of the most important activities that I do every day. I read at least an article, blog post, book chapter, and others.

Reading also became a way to sharpen my edge and learn more about many things.

10. Rest and Sleep

white orange and gray tabby cat lying on gray textile
Photo by fabricio trujillo on pexels. Com

Sleep is not for the weak.

It gives us the energy we need for the next day and helps us recover from the stress and fatigue we experience today.

It is funny that when we were children, we always wanted to skip our afternoon nap to play.

But now, we regret ever missing sleep because as we enter adulthood, we realize that rest can sometimes be hard to come by.

Final Thought:

As we grow older and hopefully wiser, we realize that joy and happiness come in the little, less appreciated things.

We soon start to see things from a different perspective, allowing us to enjoy the beauty of the simple life that God has provided us every single day.

May we see the blessing and new opportunities of waking up each day to do better things. Have a great day!

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2 responses to “10 Small Things I Appreciated More During Adulthood”

  1. It’s definitely the little things that make life worth living. Showering is my deep-thinking time (and when running, of course).

    But you can’t beat a fresh pair of sheets!

    1. So true! The little, and sometimes underappreciated things can truly bring out joy.

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