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20 Lessons From Mobile Legends

Last Updated on July 20, 2021 by Rat Race Running

We can learn a lesson or two wherever we go or whatever we do. We have to know where to look.

Many of my friends, students, and coworkers play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB/ML) on their phones or tablets. I also play it, but only as a casual player. I haven’t even reached the Mythic tier yet.

Update: I’ve been a Mythical Glory, and have been in the mythic rank 3x.

But while playing, there are always bits of life lessons we can learn.

Looking in from an outsider’s perspective of the game only reinforces that art really imitates life. Though some people may say that it is only a waste of time, I believe that as long as it is played in moderation, it can be a source of learning.

Here are 20 lessons anyone playing MLBB can learn:

1. Communication is crucial.

Proper communication is critical when playing. There are battle signals to attack, to retreat, or to call for back-ups. There are also options for voice communication with teammates to increase the chances of winning. Even professional players talk with each other while playing.

Real Life. We must learn to say what we mean and mean what we say. Proper communication will help us understand each other and clarify misunderstandings.

We need to learn when to step forward, step back, or ask for help when needed. Listen, then talk. It will surely pay dividends.

2. You can’t win them all.

There are times when you start a winning streak and feel invincible. Racking up 10-game winning streaks and more, which gives a sense that you will not lose — until you do.

You can’t win all games, just like the tournament champions who win it all coming from the loser’s bracket. Everyone, even the best players, loses some games.

Real Life. There are times when everything is going great, and nothing can go wrong until something comes up. You will never be successful in everything you do, and that is absolutely fine. Remember always to be grateful for the successes you achieved while on the streak.

3. You won’t lose them all.

There are times when you can’t lose, and there are also times when you can’t win. There are games I played when I can’t win. I almost quit after losing more than ten consecutive games. We even lost games we controlled throughout the game. But eventually, the losing stops and I started winning again.

Real Life. Always remember, when a series of unfavorable outcomes come your way, it will always end. I believe that most of our current stresses will become irrelevant a year later. Remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that God is in control. So persevere.

4. Play to your strengths and know your role.

There are specialists, and then there are generalists. Specialists often use only one hero class, say, marksmen or assassins. In contrast, others are more comfortable with tanks or supports. Generalists, on the other hand, adjust depending on the situation.

As long as you know your hero’s advantage and understand your role, it is easier to contribute to winning. Like they always say, “Trabaho lang.”

Real Life. Knowing your role and playing on your strength is essential. We have individual roles to play, and we can’t excel in everything we do. But there will always be something we’ll be good at.

On the job, I’d rather be the glue guy, I can lead, but I choose not to. I know which aspects I can do more effectively to contribute.

5. Let others complement your weaknesses.

Marksmen provide serious damage, but their HP is low, while tanks absorb substantial damage while not dealing enough damage. Individually, it’s difficult to kill multiple heroes, but together, they will compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

Real Life. In the current workplace, teams are composed of individuals — each with their own specialty. Someone may be great at programming but has weak presentation skills. Someone may design well but may not be great at advertising.

The secret is to know and accept your weakness and find someone to help you compensate for it.

6. Negative criticisms and trash-talking are not helpful.

“B*bo mo naman!” The worst thing about playing ML is the trash-talking coming from teammates. It demoralizes and throws people off their game.

Real Life. Bosses, coworkers, or even clients who criticize without any contribution or positive comments are not healthy. People leave stressful people more often than they leave stressful jobs. It is important to notice people’s hard work.

7. Know when to give up and when to persevere.

Without perseverance and hanging on to the game, there will be no epic comebacks. So many players decide to surrender early because the odds are not in their favor. However, it is often too soon. A lot can happen in the next few minutes. These can be favorable to turn the tables and even win the game.

Real Life. A lot of people give up on life. They feel overwhelmed by the things happening around them. But it is still too early to give up. Things will always change for the better. If it doesn’t, it means that it is not the end.

Persevere. Hold on. It will eventually be alright.

8. Let your actions speak for themselves.

The good players I play with often are quiet in-game. They don’t talk a lot of trash. They play. They let their game show what other players compensate for by trash-talking. Sure, some love to brag, but still, their gameplay backs it up.

Real Life. Don’t lift your own chair. Just do your job. Let others notice your hard work and lift you. Words can be empty unless backed up by actions.

9. Don’t judge a person by their skin.

In the game, the skin or costume adds some attributes to your hero. But it is not uncommon to see players whose skin is just for show. They’re often called skinners: all show no skills.

Real Life. Our world is full of discrimination and judges others through appearance. That is why they often overlook a person’s substance. People should never judge someone based on appearance but by their character. Let the age-old saying stick to us, not judge a book by its cover.

10. Sometimes, you have to adjust, adapt, or compromise.

During hero selection, especially in draft picks, sometimes, you have to adjust. Though not everyone will be willing to do it, you should try. How many times have we witnessed a marksman party when no one wants to compromise? It is just plain pride and can suck out the fun.

Real Life. There are times when we have to adjust our expectations and adapt to the problem at hand. Some other times, we need to compromise to avoid conflicts. However, there are occasions when you should never compromise, especially if it is a matter of principle.

11. There are situations you can’t control.

We don’t have control over our Internet connection, our teammates, and especially our opponents. So we have to do our best to change the tide in our favor. Talking trash against our teammates or enemies most likely won’t make any difference.

Real Life. We don’t have control over our boss, our government, our economy, and other people. What we do have control over is ourselves. When in stressful situations, it is best to keep calm and look for opportunities to control. Things like the way you talk or the way you act and react.

12. Practice makes all the difference.

Mobile Legends require skills. And to have the skills, you need to practice. That is why we often try out a new hero in classic mode before using it on rank games.

Real Life. Malcolm Gladwell said in his book that we need an average of 10,000 hours of practice to attain an expert level. But sometimes, we don’t have the time. Remember that you don’t need to be an expert. But you will always give time to practice the things that matter to you. Learning a new skill will always be harder at the start before it gets easier.

13. It is always better when with friends.

Losing while playing with friends is sometimes better than winning with strangers. I like playing with my friends. We may not be the best team, but we have a lot of fun playing with each other. Plus, there are bonuses when we play with friends.

Real Life. Life is easier when we do things with our friends. At work, in school, or even when eating, it is always enjoyable with our friends. Just like how Barney Stinson said, “whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.”

14. Don’t forget that you were once a beginner, so be humble.

Many players often forget what it’s like to be a beginner in the game. Trying to know how to play and what strategy to use. However, when they finally get to a higher level of expertise, their ego starts to inflate.

Real Life. Just like in the game, people often forget what it’s like to be a beginner. They underestimate newcomers and even ridicule their lack of skills. They become prideful of their knowledge and skills, which can be the start of their fall (Prov. 16:18).

15. Learn from others. Have a mentor.

ML has a mentorship feature. Though I haven’t used it yet, it is still a good idea. It is good to have a veteran teaching a newbie about the rules of the game.

Real Life. Mentors are a great source of wisdom and experience. We need mentors in every aspect of our lives because they can share valuable insights. They can also help expand our horizons.

16. Ranks don’t always determine skills.

I know smurf players. Their main account is high level but creates another one to feed on the low ranks. Maybe they attain satisfaction in showing off or destroying the weak. Or perhaps they want to play with their friends on a lower tier.

Real Life. In any organization, there are always ranks. The higher rank commands those on, the lower rank. But frequently, when circumstances come in, the skillful doesn’t ever get the position. So always remember to respect everyone, from the bottom to the top. We may not know their true skills and wisdom.

17. People will blame everyone except themselves.

How often do we witness a player blaming everyone? Whether it’s the tank, the marksman, the mage, the off-lane, the assassin, and others but never takes the blame? They think that every bad outcome is the fault of someone else.

Real Life. So many people believe that they are incapable of making mistakes. However, they are sometimes blind to their own weakness. It is a particular skill to own the fault if there are any. Acknowledge it and ask for forgiveness or help.

18. It’s okay to ask for help.

If you need a backup, call for one.

Real Life. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is admitting that you can’t do it all on your own. Many people are getting overwhelmed by work but won’t ask for help. Maybe it’s pride that is holding them down.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with asking for help if you are out of options, but try to do it on your own first.

19. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Even with the same heroes, the same skills, and the same rank, they are more likely to lose if the team lacks chemistry. Teams are more than just five skillful players. They should also know how to work together to win. Each player must accept the role they will play.

Real Life. It is essential to understand that a team is only complete when they are doing it for the good of the whole and not just for their own. Knowing when to stand up and when to sit down will help everyone attain the common goal.

20. Have fun.

We play ML to have fun. All other benefits are just extra.

Real Life. It is essential to have fun every once in a while. It is not healthy to be too serious in a job or school. Try to laugh at yourself more often.

Final Thought:

Mobile Legends show some aspects of life, but they will never be as good as life itself. Games are highly addictive and can take over other areas of your life. Remember that too much of a good thing is bad.

When playing, I often estimate the duration of the game. It can be as fast as less than 10mins or can be as long as more than 30mins. I always keep in mind not to waste too much playing.

Art imitates life. And there are many ways where we can compare real life with the things we do. We need to learn how to slow down and observe. And maybe, just maybe, we can learn a lesson or two.

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