Squeezing Running time for Corporate Slaves

Hi Reader – –

This is my very first blog post on how I will try to squeeze my running hobby in my busy corporate schedule to promote good health and be the best runner I can be.

As of the writing, I am a 26-year-old, Electronics Engineer by profession, IT Guy by trade. I am currently working for one of the US Fortune 500 companies based in the Philippines.

According to recent studies, sitting for too long is dangerous, if not fatal, to our health and well-being. Here is where running comes in.

Running is one of the few sports that lets you be active while needing the least amount of equipment to start. All you need is the road, your will to run, and good running shoes (also optional for barefoot runners.).

Join me in my quest for health, wealth, and peace of mind through RUNNING’s life-changing effect.

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