4 Simple Ways to Start Running

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Running is one of the most basic exercises out there. The sport is rather simple, you need to put one foot in front of the other while not being in contact with the ground at the same time.

Just make sure that you do not have any prior health problems that may get affected by running or consult a doctor to check if there’s any.

Here is a list of what you needed to do to get up from your chair and start running.

1. Look for an excellent running spot.

Safety should be one of our concerns when running, so you need to find a runner-friendly place.

Since many offices are located in Ayala, the Ayala Triangle is a great spot. BGC is also a great place to run because of its wide sidewalks. At the same time, McKinley Hill just nearby will offer a bit of a challenge because of its uphill and downhill paths.

Basically, any place with a sidewalk and a safe environment is an excellent place to run. I usually run around Mandaluyong Circle or the National Center for Mental Health.

2. Buy a good pair of running shoes.

For most runners, the running shoes is one of the most essential equipments that should be invested in. It may be the determining factor of performance and injury, especially for beginners.

3. Allot at least 20mins of your precious time.

Many corporate employees use the alibi that they do not have enough time for themselves, so how can they include exercise to their routine.

Everyone is given 24hours a day and to start the habit of running, at least 20mins per day for 3 days a week is all you need.

Your body will thank you later.

4. Determine your Drive. 

Everything that we do has something that pushes us to continue, just think about your work. Most of us work to earn a living, so that is one of the reasons why we do what we do, just like in running.

There should be something to drive us out of our comfort zone to build the foundation for running. Whether for your health, fitness, stress-relief, or competition, you should decide on why you want to start running.


Running is relatively simple to do, needs very little equipment to start, but the result can change your life.

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