5 Lessons I Learned After Changing Career

Last Updated on: September 28, 2023

It’s been over three years since I changed career from ICT to academe, then to remote work. Though it was a thought-out decision, there were still considerations I hadn’t considered before I took the leap.

Here are some lessons I learned after changing career into a different industry that may help you decide before taking a huge change in your career.

1. Your Decision May Be Misunderstood.

Your Decision May Be Misunderstood If You Change Career.
5 Lessons I Learned After Changing Career 7

Many people may question your decision on why would anyone working in a more technologically advanced company with an in-demand skill set at the time suddenly wants to change industries.

Their common concern is usually about the salary and career progression, which honestly was on the lower bottom half of my considerations when I made the switch.

I now know that having a purpose far exceeds any monetary gain that I would have if I stayed in my old job.

This is one of the hardest parts of changing industries. Though I don’t need to explain my decision to everyone, I still owe that to my parents and family since they were the ones that would be directly affected. Plus, I will also live in our house again.

So, if you decide to change careers, it will raise some eyebrows and be questioned by some people, but continue with your journey because that decision may be the redirection you’ve been praying and waiting for.

2. Expect A Lower Salary At First.

Shifting Career Means Getting A Lower Salary At The Start.
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An important consideration when changing industries is the strong possibility of having a lower salary because you still need to gain the experience or skills necessary for the job. 

This sudden drop in salary is specifically applicable if you are changing industries within the Philippines but may not be too much of a concern for foreign clients.

When I switched industries, my previous salary was almost cut in half because the salary in the IT industry is far more competitive than in the government, particularly in the academe.

Also, I was usually on the mid- or night shift, so I also lost the night differential and taxi allowances I previously enjoyed. The bonuses were also much lower.

And since I already knew that before I jumped ship, it was good that I had a simple lifestyle, so I didn’t have any drastic change in that area. I was also returning to the province, so the cost of living is much cheaper than in Metro Manila.

3. There’s No Shame With Working In A Job Not Connected To Your Degree.

There'S No Shame With Working In A Job Not Connected To Your Degree.
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Degrees or lack of it should not dictate our future.

Tying ourselves to an industry we are in for the sole reason that we studied for it in school, even if we are miserable, will only make us suffer.

There is no shame in starting a baking side hustle, even if you have a master in science degree or want to write a blog, even if you’re an engineer, or if you are into online selling, even if you are an IT expert.

Also, you can try out a completely new arena of expertise. There is the thrill of learning new skills from seemingly unrelated fields. The important thing when changing industries is to never stop learning.

Many people go on with their miserable lives working for a soul-sucking job that they were so afraid to let go of because of all the years of work they put into it. If you have a choice, escape.

4. You’re Not Starting Over. You’re Starting From Experience.

You'Re Not Starting Over. You'Re Starting From Experience.
5 Lessons I Learned After Changing Career 10

The biggest misconception for people changing industries is they are throwing away everything they learned and experienced from their previous jobs and education.

They didn’t notice that even if you change careers, you will always take the growth you incurred from all the years of working.

Using the principle of transfer of learning will allow you to have the ability to apply old concepts to new situations and contexts.

Since I transitioned to the academe, I still apply the knowledge of efficient processes, some IT skills, and automation, which I learned from my previous corporate job.

5. You Will Be Thankful For Taking The Leap.

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5 Lessons I Learned After Changing Career 11

Many people want to change to a career they want or have been redirected to. However, so many people are institutionalized and become too comfortable with their present lives that they become afraid to take the leap of faith.

Understandably, making drastic changes is not always possible, especially for families or breadwinners relying on their current income.

So, if you’re asking when is the best time to make the change, it would be before you start your own family or after your present responsibilities are minimized.

At the end of the day, the decision you made while being afraid of the unknown can be the best decision you made in your life.

Final Thought

Changing industries is scary, but what is more horrifying is the thought that you never tried because regret can haunt you for a long time.

Do it while you’re younger and have more shots for mistakes because as you grow older, you may regret that you did not step outside your comfort zone someday.

Changing industries may cost you a lot of money or ridicule from others, but it will all be worth it if you find your calling.

God bless you on your career journey. 😊

2 thoughts on “5 Lessons I Learned After Changing Career”

  1. Hey there! I’m a career shifter myself. In fact, I just wrote about my experience the other day when I marked my first year in my new career. I confess that huge part of my career change concerns more about the financial side of things. But I’m amazed at how you’ve chosen this path knowing the salary cut. This is truly inspiring and please continue to inspire us with your stories! 🙂

    • Hi Sheila, thank you for your kind words. The salary cut was a relatively easy decision for me because of my minimalist lifestyle and since I am now in the province with a lower living expenses than Metro Manila. Also, I am continuously building other income streams to supplement my teacher’s salary.

      I hope to reach and help more people through this blog. 🙂


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