Why You Need a Cash Stash at Home

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A cash stash is a portion of your emergency fund that you’ll keep at home in case you need immediate access to cash. Learn more from this article.

Digging Deeper in Building an Emergency Fund

Starter Emergency Fund

Saving for an emergency fund will surely take some time, but it will be worth it.

You will also thank your past self that you developed the discipline to save for an unforeseen emergency.

Don’t Put More Than P120K in The Bank

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Do you really need to put all our money in the bank? Here’s my argument for why we need to put a limit on how much money we save in one bank.

7 Crucial Financial Moves In Your 30s

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Our 30s is a crucial period in our life, particularly our finances.
Here are seven financial moves in our 30s, especially if you missed it in your 20s.

Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps for Filipinos

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The 7 Baby Steps is a great and practical guide toward better personal finance that has helped millions of people attain better financial habits.

6 Better Ways To Spend Your Holiday Bonuses

6 Ways To Spend Your Holiday Bonuses

But what if you could spend them on other things that will give a positive return in the long-run, instead of spending on gifts and depreciating expenses?

12 Fundamental Money Advice For Fresh Graduates

12 Money Advice For Fresh Graduates

Graduating from college is exciting until you start working and paying your bills. To help you, here are 12 pieces of money advice for fresh graduates.

One Major Medical Emergency Away From Going Broke

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The pandemic taught us so much about life in a short time. It also showed that most of us are one medical emergency from going broke.

14 Simple Personal Finance Rules I Live By

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Personal finance should be straightforward and easy to follow. Here are 14 simple personal finance rules I live by.

Let’s Talk About Debts: Causes, Strategies & Tips

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Debt is one of the most prevalent problems of many adults; for some, it can even be crippling. Though getting into debt may seem normal, it doesn’t have to be.

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