3 Ways To Keep on Running Even If My Schedule is Shifting

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Over the past three years since I started working, I have been assigned to different shift schedules due to the nature of my work and the delivery center format.

Depending on the client’s location, we adjust our office hours to align with their working or out-of-office hours accordingly.

For example, if our client is in the US, we will adjust to their time zone, usually at Eastern Standard Time, which makes our working hours around 8 PM-6 AM MNL (we work 10 hours) or the night shift.

The timing is quite different for the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). It can be as early as 1 PM-11 PM or as late as 5 PM-3 AM. This is what is usually called the mid-shift.

However, we will adjust a little earlier than usual for the Australia region. Usually, 4 AM-2 PM.

The only ‘good’ thing with these schedules is the minimal traffic around the metro compared to the regular morning shift.

So when it comes to running, I needed to adjust my running schedule to match my shift.

Here are some ways I learned to run even if my working schedule keeps shifting.

Run before going to the office.

Best Schedule: Regular, Night

When it comes to running, it’s best to do it before going to the office.

It was found that doing so gives more energy throughout the day (or night).

It is also the coolest time of the day because the sun is only about to come up or has already gone down.

Disadvantage: Running in the dark. So finding a well-lit and safe place is your primary concern.

Utilize the gym. 

Best Schedule: Mid-shift, Early Morning

The mid-shift, for me, is the most awkward time to run. You get up around noon when it is so hot, and you go home late at night when it is not that safe.

The early morning shift, however, is the opposite of the mid-shift. You get up early in the morning and go home at the hottest time of the day in the early afternoon.

So, using the gym treadmill is the best solution for your running needs. Gyms are also usually offered by most companies for free.

Disadvantage: If not offered by your company, you will need to pay gym fees.

Run before going home from the office. 

Best Schedule: Morning, Night Shift

The dreaded traffic is the worst thing about going to the office on the regular or night shifts.

Depending where you work and live will determine how much traffic you will need to endure.

You will need to adjust your day to avoid rush hour.

Waking up early while still going home late is never good. It is just unbearable at times.

To squeeze a running routine in the morning or night shift is running before going home.

By doing this, you are using your time more flexibly instead of waiting in line and spending the next hour or two seated or standing again.

You need to bring your running shoes and extra clothes to the office.

Disadvantage: If your office has no shower room, it may feel uncomfortable commuting after being drenched in sweat.

Others: Run whenever you want

Currently, I am working flexible time. Still, I can come into the office from 7 PM to 11 PM on the night shift.

4hrs is a lot of time!

Final Thought

Squeezing running time in a fully packed schedule is sometimes tricky, especially when overtimes are inevitable.

So creating a schedule one week before is helpful. Also, don’t forget to sleep. It is essential for your health.

And as long as you value your health, a few minutes of exercise is worth it.

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