Rediscover the fun of running

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I was skinny during my high school years, so running is not something that I did to get fit. I only ran because it was required in my CAT class. I also would have never imagined running more than 5km.

When I was in college, I became busier because of the academic requirements for my Electronics Engineering major, which continued until the board exam.

It never occurred to me that I will ever get fat until people started greeting me not because I recently passed the board exam but about my widening figure.

I was entirely shocked when I weighed in expecting to see 53kg but got a 63kg return. Another contributing factor to my weight gain was that I was unemployed for a few months following the exam with nothing else to do but to eat and sit.

When my current company finally hired me, and I started working, it became common to see previously thin people almost double in size in just a few years.

My discovery of the joy of running came when my company celebrated its anniversary, which included a fun run, specifically a color run. I decided to join the 10km edition because two of my co-workers were also participating in it.

A month was all of the time given to train for the event and just expecting to get over it, but instead, it fanned a flame of passion for running.

What I learned to love with the sport is the feeling of freedom. The cold wind blowing through my hair. Quick contact between the asphalt and my shoes. The sense of invincibility while running as if you can run forever, and that was it. That was when I decided that this will be my sport from now on.

Running is fun, and being healthy is just a bonus.

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