10 Reasons To Try Independent Living In Your 20s

Recently updated on: September 16, 2023

Our 20s are a very crucial period of our lives. It is the time when we finally enter the mystical world of adulthood. We soon learn much about life and accept how little we know about it.

This period of our lives can also be either a building or a stumbling block, so we must be careful.

One of the things I realized during my 20s is the importance of independent living and how it changes a person so quickly. But be warned because independent living, away from the usual comforts of your home, is terrifying, especially for first-timers.

Independent living does not mean you must live alone because, to be honest, rent is expensive, especially in the cities. However, if you're living with your friends, it is still advisable to learn independent living and not be a burden to your housemates.

1. You'll learn to be more self-dependent.

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Living for a long time with your family leaves a significant imprint on you and how you live. So the first time you start independent living and acting as an adult, you will experience many changes.

You will learn that you now have to do most things yourself or with minimal help. You'll also experience your social circles growing smaller and becoming more self-dependent. 

2. You'll learn how to handle your finances.

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One of the first things that every independent person needs to learn is how to handle finances. Since you're likely starting to earn your salary, it may sometimes feel that you have money to spend on your wants, only to be reminded that you are still just beginning your adult life. 

It would be best to learn how to budget, live below your means, avoid debt, and more during your early years of working so you can build your habit.

You may read my articles about personal finance here

3. You'll appreciate home-cooked meals even more.

If you lived in a house where you consider your parents the best cooks, you would know that nothing beats their cooking. However, if you're lost in the kitchen, it would be great to use your newfound independence to practice cooking.

Cooking is also one of the skills that I believe every adult should know. It can also help you save a few hundred per month.

4. You'll learn to be comfortable with your thoughts.

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If you are constantly anxious and worried about many things, or you love thinking about things that are sometimes not healthy for your mind, then it is a good practice to learn to be comfortable with your thoughts.

Sometimes, we don't have the space in our houses to sit, relax, and be quiet without all the noises and distractions. You can use this opportunity to learn to meditate.

5. You'll have no choice but to do your chores.

Independent living means giving up your privileges to house help, AKA your parents and siblings, to the house chores.

Independent living means you will need to do your dishes, wash your clothes, clean your room, and do other household chores that you always hated.

However, you'll soon realize that doing chores can be a form of meditation, relaxation, or even enjoyment.

You'll even look forward to grocery days when you can finally change your sponge or refill your refrigerator. At that point, you finally reached Tito/Tita-hood.

6. You will appreciate your family even more.

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Independent living may sometimes be an escape from your previous home life, but it can also cause homesickness. You will soon realize that spending time with your family can still bring happy memories, no matter how short.

It is harder to live in regret if you start seeing your parents grow old without you by their side.

7. You'll have more self-confidence.

Solo living can boost self-confidence because you are now calling your shots and making your own decisions. You will learn to decide what to do and what not to do.

However, this is only inner confidence. You'll still need to learn to be confident externally by exposing yourself to difficult situations and challenging yourself more.

8. You can choose peace.

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I know some people who dream of leaving their houses to escape their toxic families. It can even go to the point where they will choose to get married unprepared rather than stay in their homes.

But now that you are freer than ever while living more independently, you can finally choose peace. If you've been bothered by your responsibilities and don't have the mental capacity to handle them immediately, you can always just turn your cell phone off.

But remember that turning your cell phone off or leaving your home are only temporary remedies. You'll still need to face your problems somehow.

9. You will learn more about yourself.

One of the most important lessons you'll learn by independent living is that you'll know more about yourself. Your 20s are the time when you're building good habits, standing firmer with your principles, and making peace with yourself.

10. You will have more control.

This is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, you can do almost whatever you like in your room or apartment, but on the other hand, you have no one to blame for whatever mess that you have.

You need to learn that this power and freedom come with equivalent responsibilities. 

Final Thought

Finally, independent living is a huge step toward taking responsibility for your personal growth. You will win some battles, and you will learn more from losses.

Remember that maturity doesn't come with age but through experience, and the experience of independent living will be life-changing.

Recognize that even if you start living independently, you must always depend on God. He will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).

Quotes on Independent Living:

  • Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece. —Ralph Charell
  • A man can stand a lot as long as he can stand himself. —Axel Munthe
  • Single is not a status. It is a word that best describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others. —Anonymous

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