8K Rule in PSE: Is It Necessary?

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The idea behind the rule is that by increasing the amount to P8,000 before purchasing a stock, you are reducing the fees and commissions you incur in the transaction.

Zero-Sum Game: Does the Stock Market Fall Under It?

Stock Market Zero-Sum Game

Is the stock market a zero-sum game? Are the winners just taking the money of the losers or are there other things that are happening?

Social Media Investment Hype? You May Be Late.

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If your investing strategy is only based on social media hype, you may already be too late. Here are some points to avoid it.

5 Best Investments for Beginners

Investments For Beginners

Here are five great investments for beginners, also applicable for investment veterans and older adults.

Passive Income Beginner’s Guide

What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is the money you earn without doing anything. It can be dividends, interests, rental income, and more. It is money working for you.

PAG-IBIG MP2 Absolute Beginner’s Guide

How To Invest In Pag-Ibig Mp2

PAG-IBIG MP2 is a voluntary, government-backed, and tax-free investment opportunity for Filipinos where you can earn through dividends and can start investing for as low as P500. Read this to learn more.

5 Reasons Why You’re Stressed With Your Investments

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If your investment stresses you out, there are many possible reasons. Here are five things that you need to reconsider with your investments.

Red Flags: How To Know if You’re Investing in a Scam?


Investment scams are all around us, so it is important to know how to identify them. In this post, let’s talk about Investing Scam Red Flags.

Stock Dividend Investing: Beginner’s Guide

Dividend Investing Guide

Dividend investing is a relatively simpler way to create a passive income portfolio better suited for longer-term horizon and moderate-risk investors.

5 Things I Learned From Buying Stock IPOs

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Every publicly-listed company in the stock market has at one point undergone Initial Public Offerings or IPOs.

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