My Cellphone Became a Landline For A Week. Here’s What Happened.

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What happens when you try to use your cellphone as if it’s connected to a wire? Find out in this RRR Productivity Experiment.

Should We Tip in the Philippines?

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Tipping is normal in other countries but has yet to catch up in the Philippines. So, do you think we should tip?

I Bought a Desk Timer to Boost My Productivity

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A desk timer can be a useful tool to boost your productivity and improve your focus. Here are some ways on how you can use it for your day-to-day.

Why You Need a Cash Stash at Home

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A cash stash is a portion of your emergency fund that you’ll keep at home in case you need immediate access to cash. Learn more from this article.

Why You Should Skimp on Pasalubong When Traveling

Skimp On Pasalubong When Traveling

There is one thing we often do during travel that makes a trip costlier and a little stressful than necessary – the longstanding tradition of giving pasalubong.

How to Live Within Your Means Successfully

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We all heard the phrase “live within your means” from various financial literacy advocates. I also mentioned this a dozen times. So, what does that mean?

9 Filipino Money Proverbs That Still Make Sense

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Filipinos have a lot of timeless sayings and catchphrases we use as a guide to living, including an abundance of Filipino money proverbs. Unfortunately, many Filipinos have an unhealthy relationship with money that is passed down through a bunch of dangerous financial advice. However, even though money is a sensitive topic on our family’s table, some … Read more

10 Reasons Why Your Budget Is Not Working

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If you’re new to budgeting, you’ll find it quite difficult to stick to it. Here are some reasons why your budget is not working.

Top 10 Articles From After My 200th Published Posts

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I’ve finally reached 200 posts on my blog after years of writing. So, to celebrate it, I’ll enumerate the 10 most-read articles.

Minimalism and Getting Rid of Sentimental Items

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Minimalism and getting rid of items go hand-in-hand and will also require that you get rid of your sentimental items. Here are ways to do it.

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