10 Warning Signs That It’s Time To Resign

Last Updated on: September 21, 2023

As years go by, there will be a season when we’ll know it is time to move on and find out for ourselves if the grass is really greener on the other side – the time to resign from your job.

Whether for personal or professional improvement, a change in career, trying a new venture, or due to frustrations and office politics, resigning from a job can be difficult, especially if you have spent many years in an organization.

But sometimes, the warning signs of resigning are too bright to ignore, and it’s already telling you it is time to go.

Here are ten possible warning signs that it’s time to quit your job.

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1. You are no longer happy.

An Unhappy Woman In Front Of Her Laptop Thinking If It Is Time To Resign.
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Happiness is now an essential consideration for the younger workforce. Our jobs are no longer just a status symbol or a means to provide food on the table but are an extension of ourselves toward the world.

When employees are happy working for an organization, they are more likely to do more than required. But if the fire diminishes, it is a clear sign that it is time to resign.

Remember that happiness is subjective and a by-product of a life well-lived. So, if you are chronically unhappy in your job, various reasons may contribute to it.

2. You are overworked but underpaid.

Working well is great. Working beyond the call of duty is excellent. But we need to understand that there should also be just compensation for working individuals. 

Being underpaid can also be a warning sign that your organization does not properly value you, especially if they hire someone new with a higher benefit. 

If the salary is your primary issue, studies reveal that regularly changing jobs can result in a higher salary than those who stay.

3. You don’t fit the company culture.

Matching employees to the company culture is critical if you want them to stay longer in the organization.

So if you are an employee who worked well in one organization but cannot fit in your current one, the company culture may be the reason.

4. Your boss is becoming too personal in the job.

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There was a meme that says that it is a red flag if HR tells you that your company is like a “family” because, most often than not, it isn’t.

We all know and may have experienced people in leadership positions who must learn how to lead. So we scratch our heads, wondering why they got there. When the boss is the problem, there is nowhere to go but out.

Office politics is one of the most toxic experiences in the workplace. So, if you realize that everything is starting to be too political, you should start looking for a new job since it is time to resign.

5. You are starting to have trouble with your health.

There are many reasons why your health can be affected by your job. Sometimes it is because of your body adjusting to your shifting schedule or the night shift, chronic work-related stress, or it can just be a way of your body telling you that you are in the wrong place.

Remember that your body is your most important asset. No matter how much you are paid, all your efforts will be wasted if your health leaves you.

Always prioritize your health.

6. Your ethics and values are being compromised.

Sometimes you know you are in the wrong line of work. I had a friend who used to work for a politician. When the elections came, and they were tasked to “buy votes,” he quit immediately.

I don’t believe in the motto, “Trabaho lang, Walang personalan,” because our jobs and what we do also reflect our values and character.

Your ethics and values should be aligned with your work. Never exchange your soul for a higher salary, power, or position.

It would be better to work for a lower-paying job that treats everybody right than in an organization that tries to take advantage of anyone.

7. There is no more room for growth.

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There is a fine line between contentment and complacency; if we’re not careful, we may fall into the latter. Growth is significant to anyone because it keeps us from getting stagnant.

The world will change and not wait for us to adapt. If we have been doing the same task over and over for the last two years, take a hint and look for other growth opportunities.

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8. You are no longer effective in your job.

It is essential to consider whether you are still doing a good job for your employer’s requirements.

I know people who no longer do their job properly but are still not retiring or leaving because they have become accustomed to their benefits.

Then some become more focused on their businesses or side hustles that they can’t properly function in their full-time job anymore.

I believe that respect for the job or company should always remain. So if your priorities change and you can no longer do your job adequately, there is no shame in leaving.

9. When more opportunities are opening around you.

There are always opportunities around you. You need to look around. However, while there are opportunities, you must also be prepared when they present themselves.

So, if another company offers you better packages that suit your current needs and wants, you should consider it.

External opportunities include salary increases, career advancements, or flexibility in work hours. Remember that often, loyalty is not rewarded in the workplace.

10. You want to have more time and flexibility.

I think everyone will agree that we need more time and flexibility, especially as we grow older. So, finding a company that offers more flexibility can be an advantage. Work-life balance is attainable. 

Final Thought:

Leaving a job, especially where you have a lot of friends, can be very difficult. It can also be one of the most significant decisions you will have.

But if you remain trapped in your comfort zone, there are more possibilities of regrets in the future. Don’t be afraid of change. What you should be frightened of is holding on to comfort and refusing to make a change for the better.

Trust me; you’ll know when it’s time to resign.

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