Top 10 Articles From After My 200th Published Posts

Last Updated on: September 20, 2023

We’ve finally crossed the 200-post mark, which is quite a feat if you’ll ask me. Though I still hoped that I can still write more if I tried and gave more time to writing.

However, I also want to celebrate this new milestone. After more than three years, we’ve finally reached 200 posts.

Through the past three years, my writing has changed, and I think it has improved significantly. This is also more evident in the performance of the blog.

Here is a table of my blog’s Top 10 most-read posts during the first 100 posts compared to their ranking after the 200th post.

TitleDate Published100th Post Rank200th Post Rank
20 Lessons from Mobile Legends6/27/2012
A Life-Changing Journey Through Quarter-Life Crisis8/8/20 24
An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to the Philippine Stock Market10/10/2039
12 Adulting Skills We Need To Learn8/29/2041
7 Dangerous Financial “Advice” I Have Ever Heard8/22/20529
Minimalism and the Beauty of Simple Living2/20/21642
The Hierarchy of a Strong Financial Foundation10/17/20710
Basic Budgeting for Single Young Professionals7/18/20827
10 Lessons I Learned From Investagrams Trading Cup 20201/16/21922
Running in the Rat Race1/21/181043

If you notice, some articles maintained their ranking inside the top 10, but there are also noticeable drops and free falls with some of the articles.

Some factors that contributed to the ranking changes are SEO, social media presence, and even word-of-mouth.

So, to continue my tradition of ranking my posts based on their readership, here are the Top 10 most-read articles after the 200th post.

1. 24 Essential Adulting Skills We Need to Learn

Published Aug 29, 2020

I wrote this article after realizing that many of us are prepared to handle the adult world as much as we would like to and that most schools only prepare us academically rather than holistically.

I initially wrote this post in two parts, with 12 skills each, but I combined them to improve its SEO performance.

However, this article is still incomplete as I am discovering more adulting skills we can learn.

2. 20 Unexpected Lessons From Mobile Legends

Published Jun 27, 2020

I’m an avid gamer in my younger years, playing various MMORPGs and MOBA games. However, I can’t dedicate more time to playing lengthy games after graduating and starting work.

But I discovered Mobile Legends in 2016 and have been playing it on and off through the years. Since I want to share my learnings in everything I do, I wrote this article to show that we can still learn even while playing games.

3. Pros and Cons of Living Closer to Your Work

Published Feb 6, 2021

When I started working in Manila, my commute was at least two hours each way. Then when I returned to my home province, my commute was cut to a maximum of 10 minutes walk.

However, living closer to your work is not always rainbows and sunshine. In this article, I shared my experience about the advantages and disadvantages of living closer to your work.

4. Life-Changing Journey Through Quarter-Life Crisis

Published Aug 8, 2020

This is perhaps my favorite post as it encapsulates the heart of the blog. My experience with quarter-life crisis was truly life-changing and career-altering.

It opened my mind to many things and changed my perspective on the general vision of life.

5. 12 Fundamental Money Lessons From The Bible

Published Mar 5, 2022

The Bible is not just a religious book that guides us to God. It is also a guidebook about how to manage our finances.

In this post, I only wrote 12 money lessons I learned from the Bible. However, there are more lessons throughout the whole collection of books that are very practical and still applicable today.

6. 10 Money-Wasting Habits To Avoid

Published Nov 20, 2021

Money is a common problem among adults, but in many instances, it also comes down to how they manage their finances and spend their incomes.

In this post, I wrote ten money-wasting habits that anyone trying to increase their savings could try. Some may be small savings, while some are more and healthier.

7. 12 Powerful Principles to Improve in Almost Anything

Published Aug 13, 2022

Self-improvement is one of the advocacies of this blog, so I wrote this blog to include the 12 most important principles I learned to shorten your learning curve.

But the most important improvement hack we can do is to have a growth mindset. With this change of perspective, self-improvement will be easier to achieve.

8. Don’t Put More Than P120K in The Bank

Published Jul 17, 2021

The P120K is an arbitrary number. It only represents how much money you should save in the bank before you start investing. Remember that only P500K is insured by the PDIC. How about the rest?

9. Philippine Stock Market Beginner’s Guide

Published Jun 10, 2020

I love the stock market and its contribution to our economy, so I wrote this post as a beginner’s guide on starting in the stock market.

I tried to answer as many questions as possible about this financial vehicle so more young people could begin harnessing its potential.

10. Hierarchy of a Strong Financial Foundation

Strong personal finance requires a strong financial foundation. We can’t immediately invest without safeguards like an emergency fund, health and life insurance, and zeroing our debt.

Learn more about the step-by-step guide to a stronger financial life in this post.

Final Thought

This Top Ten list is a testament to how my writing skills have continuously improved through the years.

It is also a constant reminder of always having an open mind and helping others learn more about self-improvement, personal finance and investing, and minimalism.

See you again after the 300th post!

To God be the glory!

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