5 Personal Finance People I Follow on Social Media

Last Updated on: September 20, 2023

Social media can be a very toxic and polarizing place. Still, it can connect people, families, and friends if used correctly. At other times it can also be a way to learn more about different things.

However, if misused, social media can cause negative thoughts, feelings of inadequacy, and the fear of missing out (FOMO).

So to maximize my social media use, I unfollowed many people and pages last year as a personal experiment while reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.

Why is it important to choose who you follow on social media?

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It is important to remember that what we feed ourselves through various means, analog or digital, will greatly change how we think, so it is crucial only to follow people who reflect your goals and vision for the future.

The remaining people who frequent my social media feed are mostly people and pages that can help improve my faith, finances, and life. That is why I also consider many of them as my indirect mentors.

Here are the five people I follow on social media that have been instrumental to my personal growth.

1. Fitz Villafuerte

Sir Fitz Villafuerte is one of the first people I discovered and followed regarding personal finance when I started in the corporate world. His website, Ready To Be Rich, has been instrumental in my finance journey.

I discovered his blog in 2015 while browsing the internet about personal finance. Upon reading his posts, I noticed they were practical, straightforward, and easy to follow. I finished reading every post he wrote and devoured his blog in less than a month.

Before switching to trading, Sir Fitz was instrumental in my earlier journey in the stock market as a long-term investor from his practical and easy-to-understand concepts and explanations.

I still follow him through his podcast, The 80 Percent, on Spotify and his Facebook page.

If you want to know more about his work, here are some of his links:
Facebook: ReadyToBeRich
Twitter: brodfitz
YouTube: ReadyToBeRichYT
Spotify: The 80 Percent 
Website: fitzvillafuerte.com

2. Salve Duplito

Similar to how I discovered Sir Fitz, it was around mid-2015 when I started watching ANC’s On The Money. Ms. Salve is a co-host of the show, which features her in the SalveSays segment.

I quickly got hooked on the show’s premise about personal finances and improving yourself. I finished watching all of the uploaded On The Money episodes on YouTube in no time.

Now, I follow Ms. Salve on Facebook, where she also shares practical tips and tricks about functional personal finance and money management.

If you want to know more about her work, here are some of her links:
Facebook: SalveSays
Twitter: SalveSays
YouTube: SalveSays

3. Randell Tiongson

I follow Sir Randell Tiongson because of his view of money as a stewardship from God.

As a Christian, I want to surround myself (even virtually) with people that do not see money as an end but as a means to honor God.

Also, his no-nonsense approach to personal finance aligns with my stand on money management, which is to keep it simple.

I attended his event in 2017. I was amazed that the cost of the ticket of P500 also included a P500-worth book.

I will never forget when he said that our future selves would either thank or curse us, depending on how we spend our younger years.

If you want to know more about his works, here are some of his links:
Facebook: Randell Tiongson
Twitter: Randell Tiongson
YouTube: Randell Tiongson
Website: https://www.randelltiongson.com/

4. Rex Mendoza

Sir Rex Mendoza is one of the best people to follow intently on social media because of his expertise in the financial markets spanning decades.

He loves sharing his experience as a corporate executive and value investor and how he shares his financial wisdom with his children and the younger generation.

He is the President and CEO of Rampver Financials, one of the country’s biggest mutual funds distributors.

Though he is less active on social media, he often shares his knowledge through Rampver Financial’s Youtube channel and Spotify podcast.

If you want to know more about his work, here are some of his links:
YouTube: Rampver Financials
Spotify: Rampver Radio 

5. JC Bisnar

Boss JC of Investa is one of my indirect mentors in stock market analysis and trading psychology. I learned a lot from him and still learning through Investa’s free resources, especially Investa University.

While I still have a lot to learn from the market, looking up to someone with the heart and dedication to improving the lives of millions of Filipinos is something to be admired.

Aside from his involvement with Investa, he shares his trading styles, mindsets, and experiences through his alter-ego Facebook page, Imbang Klase.

If you want to know more about his work, here are some of his links:
Facebook: JC Bisnar / Imbang Klase
Twitter: Imbang Klase
Website: https://www.imbangklase.com/

Final Thought:

Social media platforms are a two-edged sword. It can provide valuable knowledge by connecting with like-minded people but can also be polarizing and toxic if not used properly.

Personal finance is an essential adulting skill everyone should learn, so you should follow knowledgeable personalities.

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