Let’s Talk About Debts: Causes, Strategies & Tips

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Debt is one of the most prevalent problems of many adults; for some, it can even be crippling. Though getting into debt may seem normal, it doesn’t have to be.

7 Crucial Financial Moves In Your 30s

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Our 30s is a crucial period in our life, particularly our finances.
Here are seven financial moves in our 30s, especially if you missed it in your 20s.

8 Simple Rules When I’m Using My Credit Card

My 8 Credit Card Rules

If you own or planning to own a credit card, you should know that there are rules you need to set first in order to avoid the credit card debt trap.

5 Important Considerations Before Lending Money

5 Considerations Before Lending Money

Lending money is tricky because it can make but more likely break relationships. Here are some things to consider before lending to anyone.

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