10 Reasons Why Your Budget Is Not Working

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If you’re new to budgeting, you’ll find it quite difficult to stick to it. Here are some reasons why your budget is not working.

Why Tracking Your Expenses Is Good for You

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Tracking your expenses is a common personal finance advice, but only a few people actually do this. Here’s why tracking your expenses is good for you.

When Cutting Expenses is No Longer Enough

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Cutting expenses is important in our personal finance. However, cutting your expenses is sometimes not enough.

14 Simple Personal Finance Rules I Live By

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Personal finance should be straightforward and easy to follow. Here are 14 simple personal finance rules I live by.

10 Lessons I Learned When Traveling

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Traveling is one of the joys of life. It also teaches us more about ourselves. So, make sure that you learn a lesson or two from it.

12 Fundamental Money Lessons From The Bible

Money Lessons From The Bible

Aside from the vital spiritual guidance that the Bible’s vast array of books teaches, it also gives practical lessons, including handling money.

10 Money-Wasting Habits To Avoid

10 Moneywaste

If you’re having a rough time with your finances and doesn’t know where to look, maybe there’s a hole in it. Here are 10 money-wasting habits to avoid.

One Major Medical Emergency Away From Going Broke

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The pandemic taught us so much about life in a short time. It also showed that most of us are one medical emergency from going broke.

The Payday Is Not A Call For Celebration

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Do you celebrate every payday? But do you remember what happens during petsa de peligro? Continue reading to know why you don’t have to celebrate paydays.

12 Financial Advice for Young Public School Teachers

12 Financial Advice For Teachers

I’ve been in the academe for three years, but it is easy to notice the money habits of fellow teachers. Before I started teaching, I often heard that teachers were underpaid. Though they have valid points, earning at least P20,000 per month is not as low as you would think. As I mentioned in my … Read more

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