Focus on Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses

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We all have our innate strengths. At the same time, we have our inherent weaknesses and limitations. Choose where you’re strong.

Aim To Create An Impact For One Person

Create An Impact To One.

If we want to create an immediate impact in the world, we need to shift from the macro to the micro level. We need to create an impact for at least one person.

When One Is Ready To Learn, They Will Find A Teacher

When Do People Start To Learn In Rat Race Running

How do you help people to learn and improve themselves? Do you nag them to study, show as an example, or just let them make mistakes?

5 New Status Symbols We Should Aim For

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A new generation of young people no longer subscribes to the old line of thinking brought by the prior generations regarding status symbols. Here are five new status symbols.

10 Reasons To Try Independent Living In Your 20s

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Our 20s are a very crucial period of our lives. It is the time when we finally enter the mystical world of adulthood. We soon learn much about life and accept how little we know about it.

10 Lessons I Learned When Traveling

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Traveling is one of the joys of life. It also teaches us more about ourselves. So, make sure that you learn a lesson or two from it.

10 Warning Signs That It’s Time To Resign

10 Signs That It'S Time To Resign

Resigning is part of an employee’s life cycle. Here are ten warning signs that it’s time for you to look for another job and resign.

12 Fundamental Money Advice For Fresh Graduates

12 Money Advice For Fresh Graduates

Graduating from college is exciting until you start working and paying your bills. To help you, here are 12 pieces of money advice for fresh graduates.

7 Undervalued Skills We Often Overlook

7 Undervalued Skills We Often Overlook

Here are seven undervalued skills that we can learn or relearn.

Vote! Use Your Power To Choose The Next Leader

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On May 9, we will again vote for the next leader of our ever-divided country. I wonder how everything will work out. Still, I choose to be hopeful.

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